The Art of Mandala

Digital and natural media artwork and photographs are used as the basis for my Mandalas.  For the past year I have been experimenting with colors and patterns in order to create unique Mandalas for meditationa and visual artistry.   Each design begins with the emotions that I am feeling at the time.  First, a pattern of colors and shapes are identified.  The repetition of the pattern creates a surprising result every time.  No two Mandalas can ever be the same which is what makes each piece so beautiful in its own way.  Every person will find one Mandala that they love and connect with but that Mandala will most likely be different for everyone.

The true center of a circle is a point.  A point has no dimension nor place, it just is.  The circle is a point plus dimension.  The circle lives through and radiates from the point.  Mandala represents movement, radiation of life from the center or “core”.  In all Mandalas there is pattern, movement, color and light.  As we break down the larger, visible world into smaller sections we can produce new patterns or shape and color that stimulate imagination and encourage meditation.

Artistic – these Mandalas are created artistically from my own drawings, digital paintings and art work

World – world Mandalas are created from real world objects.  Patterns and colors that define the object are repeated in the circle form which displays their energy. 

Botanical – botanical Mandalas use flowers and plant life as the basis of pattern and color.   

Water – these Mandalas are created from water, ice, snow

Sky – these Mandalas are created from the sky, wind, air

Julcia (yool-cha) is Polish for Julia.  It is what my mother called me when I was young.  This blog site and the Mandala art work on it is dedicated to her memory.


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