The symbol of mandala can be found in art, religion, architecture, nature, mathematics, music and philosophy.  The Sanskrit word Mandala generally means circle or circumference.  In its most original form it appears in the three dimensional architectural structures of ancient Asian temples.  In its visual form it has been used for the healing of patients, while Tibetan rituals use it as an object of meditation.  Nature supplies so many examples in ordinary forms such as snowflakes, flowers, cycles of the seasons, etc.  The mandala invokes a subtle but intense connection between man and the universe.  Think of the spiralling view of the galaxy as a wondrous mandala.  Mandala is found worldwide and belongs to no one culture.  Mandala just ‘is’.

“…it is said that the seed of enlightenment in each person’s mind is nourished by the dynamic process of visualizing and contemplating a mandala.”     ~Venerable Losang Samten


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